Parochial Church Council

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is the elected body of lay church members who meet six times a year in the capacity of Trustees. The Standing Committee meets separately in the intervening months.

Elections for new PCC members take place at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) each April, to which all persons on the Saint Michael’s Electoral Roll are invited to attend. Following the 2022 APCM, the PCC currently comprises the following elected individuals.

Any queries or correspondence should be sent to:

The PCC Secretary
Mrs Cindy Jones
Saint Michael’s Church Centre
Church Street

Current Membership

Revd Paul Reynolds (Chair)

Stan Heptinstall (Church Warden and Lay Chair)
David Jones (Church Warden)

Alan Bateman (Treasurer)
Cindy Jones (PCC Secretary)
Sarah Elbourne (PCC Minute Secretary)

Glynn Bannister
Alan Bateman
Jenny Biss
Hillary Brian
Liz Cardwell
Christine Cleave
Robert Cleave
David Ducker
Sarah Elbourne
Cindy Jones
Cath Ortori
Kate Prayle
Jimmy Smith
Wendy Willan
Alan Windsor

Lillian Heptinstall (In attendance)
Sarah Meredith (In attendance)
Jonathan Smithurst (In attendance)
Donna Snowden (In attendance)

Saint Michael’s PCC is a registered charity no. 1130798.