Intergenerational Worship

We believe that God’s Church needs to be fully committed to being a true ‘family’, wherein 6 and 16 year olds can have real relationships not just with their peers, but with 36, 66 and 96 year olds alike.  At its root, being intentionally ‘intergenerational’ means that we need to be aware of, and flexible about, things which can easily become alienating to specific groups. We need to draw people together in such a way that it is completely natural to share our faith experiences with others, without embarrassment and regardless of age or social barriers. If we cannot achieve this internally, we can never hope to achieve it externally; as called to do within the Great Commission.  We therefore strive to provide liturgy and worship which transcends many human barriers and draws people together into God’s spiritual body; the Church.

In theory, it should be possible for everyone attending a service to engage in worship and share in teaching activities at a level appropriate to their personal spiritual journey, before returning home fully able to discuss what they have experienced and learnt with other members of their family.

Younger members of the Church Family
helping us to understand God’s creation.

A scene from a recent ‘Holiday Club’ service.
‘Finding God’s Hidden Treasure’.

Captain Lisa and her crew teach us the actions to a new song.

“Learning Together as the Family of God”