Spring/Summer 2019

One-Life Mission – Men’s Breakfast
(September 14th, 2019)One Life Mission - Men's Breakfast (2019)

The Great Bramcote Bake-Off
(April 6th, 2019)

Over 85 people gathered together to participate in the first ever Great Bramcote Bake-Off, with 19 entrants (6 adults and 13 children) raising £165 for a designated charity.  What a wonderful time was had by all, as following the skillful judging by Bishop and Mrs Tony Porter together with the church’s own Mrs Cindy Berry-Jones, they shared in consuming the various cakes.  Well done to Louise Bolton and her team for organising such a terrific event.

Group Pictures 01The judges inspect the various entries in amazement.
Group Pictures 03
Bishop Tony explained the need for a sound receipe for life as well as a good receipe for cake baking.Group Pictures 02
Everyone was able to view the various cakes whilst the judges deliberated.
Group Pictures 04
Louise with some of the winning finalists – Well done everybody!

All photographs by Brian Pickering

C1 Safeguarding Training
(January 21st, 2019)

Tonight, thirty of us met together to undertake training in the area of ‘Safeguarding’. In this age of our ever more connected online society we face new threats to our wellbeing. As a group committed to the continued, ongoing safety of our community, we discussed and learned about how to respond to the trails that our millennial world presents and how through diligence, care and by the grace of God we can achieve this as a church fervent in its mission to love and care for everyone.

Image result for safeguarding
Daniel Stevenson

Annual Berega Supper
(January 12th, 2019)

img_5899   img_5902
With a background of bells, we started with a drink and a quiz in the church
img_5906  img_5903
The diners enjoy a wonderful four course meal
The chef brigade and waiting staff enjoy a well deserved meal of their own
img_5920  img_5914
Sous chef Michelle and head chef Jonathan hard at work
David Curnock introduces Nadine Parkinson from TearFund who informed us
of some very exciting community development projects in Berega.