Various  policy documents and rotas may be downloaded from here.

Please be aware that certain of the files below will NOT be current as a consequence of the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic.

Please select the relevant LINK below to download specific parish resources:

Rotas and Information

Mission Partner Updates  2020 Mission Partner Updates – February 2020 (v1.02)

Worship at PCC Logo   Worship Leaders at PCC Meetings (2019-2020)

Vicar and Wardens Meetings Logo   2020 Vicar and Wardens Meeting Timetable (v7.04)

PCC Members Duties Logo   The Duties of Wardens, Sidespeople
                                  and PCC Members (v4)

PCC Committee Structures Logo   PCC Basic Committee Structures (February 2015)

PCC Committee Roles Logo   PCC Detailed Committee Roles (February 2015)

Legal Reports / Documents

APCM Report Icon    APCM Report 2018 (v1.02)

Current CLLI Certificate

Policy Documents

PCC Accounting Policy Logo    PCC Accounting Policy (2015)

PCC Reserves Policy Logo    PCC Reserves Policy (2015)

Extended Communion Policy Logo    Extended Holy Communion for the Homebound (2015)

Extended Communion Report Forms Logo    Extended Holy Communion (Reporting Forms)

ChurchSafety - Food Safety Advice    Food Safety and Hygiene Guidance (2016)

FSA - Guidance Notes    Food Standards Agency – Publications Website

GDPR Privacy Notice (v1.02)    GDPR Data Privacy Notice (v1.03)

GDPR Data Audit    GDPR Data Audit (v1.01)

GDPR Guidance    GDPR Data Protection Guidance (v1.01)

CofE Safeguarding Policy Icon    CofE Promoting a Safer Church Document (2019)

Safeguarding Children Policy Icon    Parish Safeguarding Children Policy Document v2.05
                                   (Revised: April 2021)

Garden of Remembrance Button    Garden of Remembrance Regulations (October 2020)

Fire Safety Policy Logo    Fire Safety Policy (October 2012)

Health and Safety Policy (Easy) Logo    HSE – Legal Guidance (2016) Easy Read

Health and Safety Policy (Large) Logo    HSE – Legal Guidance (2016) Large Print

Current Diocesan Budget   Diocesan Detailed Budget Analysis (2020)   (NEW)

Pastoral Care at Saint Michael's    Pastoral Care at Saint Michael’s v1.03 (March 2020)

PCC MAP Documentation

PCC MAP DocumentsPCC MAP Discussion Documents (V1.03)

PCC MAP Submission IconPCC MAP Submission to Southwell Diocese (v1.03)

Parish Consultation IconParish Consultation Day – Output Suggestions (V1.03)

Communities of Grace IconCommunities of Grace (v1.01)

Introduction to MAP IconAn Introduction to Mission Action Planning (v1.01)

Training Resources

Housegroup Scheme Enhancement   Enhancements to the Housegroup Scheme v1.5 (2015)

Reading and Praying - Course Notes    Course Notes – Reading and Praying at
                                   Church Activities v1.03

SITE LINK ICON    Charity Commission – Easy Guide to Being a Trustee

SITE LINK ICON    Charity Commission – Full Guide to Being a Trustee


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