Wedding Music Samples

The following samples are taken from a number of sources, and are for illustrative purposes only.  They should not be seen as representing actual performances of the organist and choir of Saint Michael’s, Bramcote.

Select the track you wish to listen to and press the play button. To select an alternative track, click on that track within the pull down list.  You may pause and restart each track. (To do so, either roll over tracks with your mouse wheel or else use the grey slider bar to the right of the track list).

Certain items designated as being suitable for the entrance of the bride may also be used by the couple to leave church by, and vice versa.

In certain circumstances the software may display a grey advertising screen saying “Explore more music and audio on SoundCloud”. To return to the standard screen, simply press the ‘X’ in the top right hand corner.

All samples are copyright.

You may also wish to contact our Organist (David Hanford) directly for detailed advice concerning your musical choices.  He has created a simple advice sheet which sets out the overall process, and seeks to assist you in making the most suitable choices for your personal situation:  Music at Weddings Advice Sheet.


Music for the Entrance of the Bride

Music for the Couple to Leave Church by

 Hymn and Song Suggestions

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