Project 2012 Gallery


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The remodelled chancel from the front             The remodelled chancel from the rear

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The new site for the organ console                  The easy access ramp

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The revised layout of the Lord’s Table             The south aisle and repositioned font

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The new vestibule kitchen area                       The new boiler and sink arrangement

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Jonathan and Ros operating the PA and AVA equipment in their new position


Week 4 03  
Week 5 – Replastering of the walls is complete, and the font is installed in its new position

Week 4 02

Week 5 – A view of the old font in its new position together with the new access ramp


Week 5 – The chancel extension is now well under way.


Week 5 – The new sub-floor is complete awaiting laying of the new oak flooring


Week 5 – The last of the master cable runs and access points being installed


Week 5 – The disabled access ramp steels are installed, as is the base for the old font.

Week 4 - Front of Church Panorama

Week 4 – A panorama view of recent work to the nave and upper chancel showing initial work to the sub-floors, the base of the chancel extension and the main cable ducts.


Week 4 – The initial sub-floors to the North and West aisles are almost complete.


Week 4 – Remedial work to resolve damp penetration to the South aisle is well underway.

Week 4 - Cable Runs Established

Week 4 – Cable ducting being laid for the PA/AVA equipment and new power circuits.

Week 4 - Damp Issues

Week 4 – The scope of damp penetration prior to its repair.

Week 4 - Site C;eared   Week 4 - The Bell Chamber

Week 4 – The main worship and bell tower areas being readied for new flooring.

Week 3 - Church Clearance Panorama 01

Week 3 – Clearance of the old church flooring and joists is now complete.

Week 3 - Church Clearance Panorama 02

Week 3 – The existing heating pipes are being relocated in readiness for extra radiators.

_MG_8848   _MG_8850

Week 3 – The poor condition of the under floor voids can be seen quite clearly.


Week 3 – The view from the South aisle.

Week 2 - Church Clearance Panorama 01  

Week 2 - Church Clearance Panorama 02

Week 2 – Clearance of the church is almost complete with pews, PA and AVA equipment now removed ready for the builders arrival on Monday 

Week 2 - Worship in the Church Centre 01

Week 2 – Worship taking place in the Church Centre (6:30pm Holy Communion)

Week 1 - Pew Removal Panorama

Week 1 – The pews in the process of being removed.



Week 1 – The chancel in the process of being stripped of furniture and fittings.

_MG_8736   _MG_8733

Week 1 – The organ is removed for cleaning, restoration and safekeeping.

Saint Michael’s prior to the development phase commencing