Gallery 2017 (Jan to Jun)

Junior Church Team Soiree
(May 24th, 2017)

Junior Church Team (May 2017)
Rosie explaining her plans for the next term to the Junior Church team.

Rosie’s First Assembly at Bramcote CofE (Aided) Primary School
(May 15th, 2017)

Rosie explaining the ways in which we need to trust one another and God

Bramcote Primary School Easter Service
(April 2017)

The parents and friends gather to join in the celebrations.

Mrs Meredith and her helpers explained the true meaning of Easter.

Berega Supper
(February 17th, 2017)

IMG_3756_thumb[3]   IMG_3757_thumb[9]   IMG_3758_thumb[9]
The diners prepare to consume a superlative feast

Over 60 people attended in support of the Berega project

The brigade made short work of cleaning down the kitchen

IMG_3767_thumb[5]   IMG_3776_thumb[5]   IMG_3779_thumb[12]
The serving team enjoy their own meal prior to the main presentation