Gallery 2016 (Jan to Jun)

Royal Tea Celebration
(June 12th, 2016)

On Sunday, June 12th we celebrated 90 years of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s life, and 64 years upon the throne, by holding a Royal Celebration Tea which was attended by over 65 paying guests.  In addition to enjoying a sumptuous tea, everyone shared their personal reminiscences of the Queen’s life and reign, during which time we enjoyed an extremely informative video photo collage.  The Royal Tea was followed by a moving service of celebration in the church.

DSC00227   DSC00231
The tables are laid and a wonderful flower arrangement took pride of place

DSC00238   DSC00240
The guests slowly begin to arrive and take their place at one of the tables

DSC00237   DSC00244
Hats were the order of the day             Young and old celebrated together

DSC00248   DSC00251
The church centre quickly filled and joyous conversation filled the room

IMG_1376   IMG_1379
We were very blessed to be joined by the Mayor of Broxtowe and his wife

IMG_1349   DSC00285
Alison provided musical entertainment    Wendy introduced proceedings

DSC00259   DSC00267
Paul added his welcome and said grace before a sumptuous tea was served

DSC00271   IMG_1351
The children were well catered for, whilst in the kitchen the team worked hard

A panorama view of the Royal Celebration Tea in full flight

Saint Michael’s From Above
(June 9th, 2016)

Bramcote Panorama (Corrected)
Saint Michael’s taken by Robin Macey who is a local balloonist.

Holiday Club
(May 1st-3rd, 2016)

The Guardians of Ancora Holiday Club set out to tell the story of Jesus to the
Trainee Guardians in a fun and informative way over three days.

HC - Setup Day - 014   HC - Setup Day - 018
The cars are unloaded and the stage slowly erected by the set-up team.

HC - Setup Day - 007   HC - Setup Day - 008   HC - Setup Day - 009
Numerous boxes of resources are brought in – including the dreaded gunger!!

The daily staff meeting to prepare the full range of drama, fun and activities.

IMG_1233   IMG_1243
Gill masterminds the registration process and Terry encourages the worship.

IMG_1257   IMG_1258   IMG_1259
George wants to help and attempts to assist Lisa with Sarah’s lunch – Umm!!

IMG_1270   IMG_1279
Drama!! Sarah is confused and lost in the mist until old Shiner rescues her.

IMG_1215   IMG_1217
Each day started with worship and a video telling us a story about Jesus.

IMG_1294   IMG_1225
The Trainee Guardians enjoyed their time doing craft and playing games …

IMG_1302   IMG_1305
Discussing stories about Jesus and spending time in creative prayer.

2016-06-04-PHOTO-00000008   2016-06-04-PHOTO-00000009
For some reason, if the Trainee Guardians listened very carefully and answered
all the questions correctly, Lisa and Sarah were given an amazing reward!!

By the end of the Holiday Club, each Trainee Guardian had heard and discussed
many of the stories
about Jesus in a safe and enjoyable environment.

The Guardians of Ancora will return later in the year at the Light Fantastic party.

Messy Church Worship
(May 21st, 2016)

IMG_1067   IMG_1112
Every song has its own actions            Lisa explains the meaning of each song

Silver Surfers 5th Birthday Party
(May 12th, 2016)

IMG_1004   IMG_1005   IMG_1007
Surfing as usual prior to the party commencing in earnest

IMG_1008   IMG_1026   IMG_1019
Time to close down the computers and enjoy the delicious spread

IMG_1020    IMG_1027
The celebratory cake was outstanding   Members name badges on the rack

Much fun and fellowship was enjoyed as the celebrations continued apace!

Admission of Churchwardens at Saint Margaret’s, Aspley
(May 10th, 2016)

Wardens Admission (2016)
Our newly elected Churchwardens David Jones and Wendy Willan admitted by
Archdeacon Sarah Clarke at the annual service on May 10th.

Morning Worship at Saint Michael’s
(April and May 2016)

Morning Service 001   Morning Service 002
Lisa leads us in a time of communal confession     The congregation join in
                                                                        a time of worship

Tony Cardwell Preaching   Assistant Organist   PA-AVA Team
Tony preaching               Martin offers his services   The PA/AVA team hard
                                     as an assistant organist.   at work during a service
                                     David is unconvinced!!

Setting up for the High Sheriffs Inauguration
(April 3rd, 2016)

The altar-table arrangement set the scene for the inauguration

IMG_0808   IMG_0810
The window flower arrangements         Chef Jonathan prepared the banquet

Bramcote CofE Primary School – Easter End of Term Service
(April 1st, 2016)

IMG_0777   IMG_0789
The school gathers for worship           Saying “Farewell for now” to Miss Howe

IMG_0793   IMG_0795
The ‘Viking Song’ was very scarey!!      Mrs Meredith told us about the true
                                                         meaning of Easter.

Easter Day Celebrations
(March 27th, 2016)

IMG_0177   IMG_0155
The cross is adorned with white and the stone has been rolled away!!

Good Friday Reflections
(March 25th, 2016)

IMG_0705   IMG_0714
The morning stage is set       People start to arrive for the evening choral event

Maundy Thursday Agape Supper
(March 24th, 2016)

IMG_0696   IMG_0698
The meal was enjoyed in the ‘Refectory’ style, with great food and fellowship

Lisa provided a very thought provoking reflection upon the last supper

Messy Church
(March 19th, 2016)

IMG_0680   IMG_0682
An Easter Garden was created prior to our time of worship and storytelling.

Berega Dinner
(March 18th, 2016)

Berega Supper (March 2016) 003   Berega Supper (March 2016) 001
Jonathan, ably assisted by Philip and suitably attired in his new snood, prepare
the supper, whilst David and Bronwyn serve the guests in a timely manner.

Berega Supper (March 2016) 006
David and Anne provided a very informative account of life in Berega, and set
before us the various needs of the hospital, church and local communities.

Marriage Preparation End of Course Banquet
(March 15th, 2016)

Marriage-Preparation-Course-Banquet-[3]_thumb   Marriage-Preparation-Course-Banquet-[16]_thumb   Marriage-Preparation-Course-Banquet-[20]_thumb
The scene is set, the tables are laid and the starters are being prepared.

Marriage-Preparation-Course-Banquet-[15]_thumb[4]   Marriage-Preparation-Course-Banquet-[12]_thumb[2]
Twenty eight people sat down to a sumptuous five course meal with wine.

Marriage-Preparation-Course-Banquet-[13]_thumb[3]   Marriage-Preparation-Course-Banquet-[8]_thumb[1]   Marriage-Preparation-Course-Banquet-_thumb[1]
Chef Jonathan serving the salmon course, together with Chief Flower Arranger Hillary displaying details of possible flower arrangements, and Organist David passing on some crucial advice concerning hymns and suitable music for the ceremony.

New Internal Notice Board Installed in the Entrance Vestibule
(March 14th, 2016)

The new notice board installed in the entrance vestibule.

The Vicar Engages in a Cost Cutting Exercise
(March 14th, 2016)

IMG_0659   IMG_0660
Rather than purchase new bags for the vacuum cleaner, the Vicar empties the
old ones in the bin – a very dirty job, but someone needed to do it!

Youth Confirmation Service
(March 5th 2016)

IMG_0610   IMG_0634
There were 22 young candidates from around        Judith with Bishop Paul.
the Diocese representing numerous parishes.

Education Sunday
(February 7th, 2016)

Img_0096   Img_0098
Education Sunday was celebrated by well over 200 individuals, wherein pupils
from two of our local primary schools, together with their parents and families,
joined the regular congregation, all of whom who were greatly appreciative of
the pupils various musical and poetical contributions.

Messy Church
(January 23rd, 2016)

IMG_0523   Img_0525W
Radish planting was a very popular activity as was the time of worship.