Gallery 2014 (Jan-Jun)

Scenes from the Mayoral Civic Service for Cllr Stan Heptinstal MBE
(Sunday, June 15th, 2014)

Paul Welcomes the Assembled Congregation 02   Mayor Stan Heptinstall
The Revd Paul Reynolds (Vicar) welcomed everyone         Mayor Stan Heptinstall MBE

The Uniformed Organisations Present Their Colours
Flags and colours are collected from the various uniformed organisations in attendance

Congregation from the Rear
The view from the back of church, which was full to overflowing!

The Choir Anthem
The Church Choir sing a special anthem – including Mayor Stan in the Bass Section

David Edinborough Preaching
In his sermon, the Revd David Edinborough reminded everyone of the need for justice

Lillian Leading the Prayers   Paul and Lillian Ask God's Blessing Upon Stan's Tenure as Mayor
The Revd Lillian Heptinstall led the prayers, and was joined by the Vicar to pray for Stan

The Scouts Leave Church
The flags and colours were returned, and the uniformed organisations led the way out

Stan Leads the Congreation out of Church
Mayor Stan led the specially invited dignitaries out of church for the civic buffet supper

Banner Message

Flowers from the Mayoral Civic Service (Stan Heptinstal)
(Sunday, June 15th, 2014)

SAM_0349   SAM_0344   SAM_0347
Hilary and her team worked extremely hard to provide such a terrific series of displays.



Messy Church
(Saturday, June 14th, 2014)

IMG_5105   IMG_5106
Chris records everyone’s attendance.            Michael prepares the refreshments.

Stewart and Tim get ready to make a host of ‘Father’s Day’ key rings.

Hemlock Happening
(Saturday, June 7th, 2014)

IMG_5050   IMG_5035   IMG_5049
The balloon inflation team set about preparing over 1000 balloons for distribution

IMG_5055   IMG_5059
The balloon and literature distribution team set about their task with great enthusiasm

IMG_5057   IMG_5069
Cafe Bramcote were on hand to prepare and serve over 300 portions of strawberries

IMG_5043   IMG_5039   IMG_5037
The ‘Happy Team’ plan their strategy to defeat ‘Terry the Mood Hoover’ by spreading
happiness and joy to everyone at the Hemlock Happening … The free cakes helped!!

IMG_2709   IMG_2703
The ‘Mood Hoover’ attempted    The ‘Mood Hoover’ is spoken to by the Police for being
to spoil everyone’s fun.             so horribly miserable on such a brilliant occasion.

IMG_2701   IMG_2708
Fortunately, the ‘Happy Team’ were on hand, assisted by Lisa, George and Georgina.

IMG_5044   IMG_5048
Mayor Stan arrives at the Hemlock Happening and quickly sets about saying “Hello”

IMG_5073   IMG_5074
Mayor Stan explains the importance of Saint Michael’s balloons to everyone present

IMG_5062   IMG_5077
Assorted musicians and exciting games were the order of the day

Helen and Holly Jamison made a flying visit and friendships were quickly re-established

Men’s Fellowship – Classic Car Rally
(Monday, April 12th, 2014)

IMG_2473   IMG_2474   IMG_2480

IMG_2478   IMG_2477
Just a small selection of the wonderful classic vehicles on display during the rally.

Diocesan Confirmation at Southwell Minister
(Saturday, April 19th, 2014)

Diocesan Confirmation v02 (April 2014)
This years 58 candidates came together immediately following the Confirmation Service.

Our three candidates, Jane Graham, Ellie Cooper and James Buckley, are standing in the
back row slightly to the right of officiating Assistant Bishop Martyn Jarrett.

Maundy Thursday Meal
(Thursday April 17th, 2014)

IMG_4364   IMG_4366

IMG_4368   IMG_4372

IMG_4373   IMG_4374

IMG_4375   IMG_4376

Prayer Labyrinth
(Saturday, April 12th, 2014)

Welcome to the first ever Prayer Labyrinth at Saint Michael’s

001   003
The chairs are removed, and the church is reconfigured as a labyrinth

007   010
Various prayer ‘stations’ are created where people may meditate and reflect upon God

014   015
There were opportunities for quiet reflection using literature and candles

017   026   027

030   031   032
Many people visited the labyrinth throughout the day and were blessed at a result

Lent Course (2014) Session 2 – May your Kingdom come
(Thursday, February 13th, 2014)

Group discussions on what it means to live as God’s Kingdom people.

Fair Trade Fiesta
(Friday, February 28th, 2014)

FTF Web 007
With the catwalk set in place, the band set the scene for an enjoyable evening.

FTF Web 003   FTF Web 004
Following a few numbers on their own, the band are joined by some ‘session’ players.

FTF Web 008   FTF Web 009
Some of the younger models take to the catwalk.       The outfits are admired by all.

FTF Web 001   FTF Web 002
Light relief is supplied by the ‘commentary’ team, and some ‘impartial’ banking advice.

FTF Web 011   FTF Web 012
Two of the slightly more ‘mature’ models take to the catwalk showing off their wares.

FTF Web 010   FTF Web 013   FTF Web 014
Wedding dresses from a previous age are on display throughout the evening.

FTF Web 006
Numerous ‘Fair Trade’ goods were on sale and purchased throughout the evening.

FTF Web 005
At the end of the evening Toni, our Fair Trade Scheme Co-ordinator, was exhausted but
very pleased with everything that had taken place.  A GREAT SUCCESS!!

Stewardship Sunday with Dr John Preston
(Sunday, February 9th, 2014)

IMG_2320   Img_2325A
Dr John Preston speaking on God’s abundant generosity and our need to work with him.

Demonstration Evening of Medieval Music
(Saturday, February 8th, 2014)

Ray Wiseman and his fellow players demonstrate various medieval instruments.

Urgent Repairs to the Men’s Toilets – Part of our buildings development
(Friday, February 7th, 2014)

New Mens Toilets (2014)
Owing to a series of problems associated with the plumbing contained within the men’s
toilets, new waste pipes and flooring have been installed.  The picture here shows the
toilet without the modesty screens and cubicle, which have now been refitted. 

Many thanks to John Hart and Ken Bird for all their hard work in managing this project.

Cafe Bramcote (February)
(Tuesday, February 4th, 2014)

A steady stream of visitors came throughout the evening, who enjoyed the various
homemade cakes, speciality teas and coffees.  The Traidcraft stall was also in action
taking orders for Easter Eggs and other goods.  A great time was had by all.

WP_20140204_004    WP_20140204_001    WP_20140204_003    WP_20140204_008
Jon and Ash behind the scenes, with a small selection of the various cakes on offer.

Property Cleaning Day
(Friday, January 24th, 2014)

Property Cleaning Day (24JAN2014)
A large amount of leaves and unwanted rubbish was cleared away from the grounds,
church and church centre.  Many thanks to John Hart for coordinating the day.

The Baptism of Luke and AJ Wootton
(Sunday, January 5th, 2014)

Revd David Edinborough with the parents and godparents after the service.