Gallery 2013 (Jul-Dec)

Carol Singing in the Sherwin Arms
(Wednesday, December 18th, 2013)

IMG_3378   IMG_3374

IMG_3369   IMG_3367

Carol Singing Around the Parish
(Monday, December 16th, 2013)


IMG_3305   IMG_3294

Men’s Fellowship Dinner
(Monday, December 9th, 2013)

IMG_9907   IMG_3281   IMG_3254
Chef Jonathan                     Waitresses Pearl and Jane      Guest Speaker Andrew Knight

The gentlemen enjoyed a much necessary brief respite between courses.

The Vicar attends the ‘Pilgrim Course Conference’ at Bishopthorpe Palace
(Wednesday, December 4th, 2013 – Photographs © John Sentamu 2013

Major presentations were given by the authors, followed by a time of Q&A. 
The selected delegates were drawn from each Diocese in the Northern Province.

Resources_Pilgrim_Course_3950  Resources_Pilgrim_Course_3855  Archbishop_Pilgrim_Course_3906
The course materials            Being put to good use           Supported by Archbishop John

Cafe Bramcote – Christmas Carols with the Salvation Army
(Tuesday, December 2nd, 2013)

SA Carols (December 2013) 01
Band-Major Paul leads the audience in carol singing and thoughtful reflection on the meaning of Christmas Story.

Messy Church
(Saturday, November 30th, 2013)

Messy Church 30Nov2013 002
Once again, face painting proved to be a favourite activity.

Messy Church 30Nov2013 004
As was ‘Christmas Clock Making’ …

Messy Church 30Nov2013 009
… as can be seen from the results!!

Messy Church 30Nov2013 006
Messy worship was led by Lisa, who encouraged us to prepare for Christmas.

Church Panorama Prior to the Annual Memorial Service
(Sunday, November
3rd – Photograph courtesy of Paul Reynolds)


News from David and Anne Curnock in Berega
(Saturday, November
2nd – Photographs courtesy of David Curnock)

Greetings to you all again from Brerega! The holiday Club last Saturday at Berega itself went very well with between 190 and 200 children present. Thank you for your prayers!

Tomorrow we are at the daughter church of St Michael’s – last year there were even more children at that one – so please keep praying!

Here are three photos from last Saturday – the theme was the life story of David.

With our love to everyone

David and Anne

the prophet Samuel annoints the boy David
Holiday Club – The prophet Samuel anoints the boy David

fun with the parachute 
Holiday Club – Fun with the parachute!!

small group time the Bible school students teaching the children a memory verse
Holiday Club – Bible School students teaching a memory verse

Camel Light Fantastic Party
(Friday, November 1st – Photographs courtesy of Paul Reynolds)

The guests start to arrive at the end of the fireworks

Luke Sky-Talker and Daft-Ada seek the force to find the light

Deadly light-sabre’s being made from soft foam tubes

Fun and games with Galactic Trooper James

The inter-galactic weevil pizza was consumed in moments

Clyde and Camille
Clyde and Camille led the worship in the usual way!!

News from David and Anne Curnock in Berega
(Saturday, October 26th – Photographs courtesy of David Curnock)

Here are some more photos to share with the church family:

• the electricity transformer in place: 240 volts has actually arrived in Berega!

• children from the church primary school running on the Berega airstrip – they had just
   been learning about Chrissie Fergusson’s sponsored run for their school!

• getting safe water from a well with a new pump installed by the Berega charity BREAD –
   Berega Relief Education and Development

Thank you for your prayers for the children’s holiday club tomorrow in Berega itself, and next Saturday at the daughter church of Saint Michael’s.

With our love and prayers for you all

David and Anne

now the transformer is in place - 240volt electriity has arrived! 
240v POWER!!! at long last!!

the Berega Primary School children running - just like Chrissie Fergusson doing the London Marathon when she raised money for desks and chairs for the school!
I wonder if Chrissie can run as fast as us?

getting safe water from a hand pump installed by the Berega charity BREAD
Unsafe water is now a thing of the past!!

News from David and Anne Curnock in Berega
(Saturday, September 28th – Photographs courtesy of David Curnock)

Greetings to you all from a very hot Berega – it’s 31C degrees here today.  Everything looks very brown, and many of the trees are bare – a bit like England in Winter except that it’s very hot!  We are usually here in May /June when every thing is very green.

The hospital is busy and they were very pleased with all the equipment from Saint Michael’s and the Boy’s High School, and it’s all now in use.  Anne is making rapid progress with the preparations for the two Children’s Holiday Clubs: we printed the invitations today so that they can be handed out at the Sunday Schools this Sunday and at the schools on Monday.

The first will be on Saturday, October 26th at Berega itself, and the second at the daughter church of Saint Michael’s on Saturday, November 2nd.

We would very much appreciate prayer for these two Holiday Clubs for the next two weeks – thank you!

With our love and our prayers for you all

David and Anne


Berega 2013 022
David and Anne standing outside the hospital in Berega having arrived safely.

Berega 2013 020  Berega 2013 017
The new equipment is quickly unloaded and put to good use.

Berega 2013 025  Berega 2013 026
An item of new equipment destined for good use use in the operating theatre

Messy Church – Fresh Beginnings 
(Saturday, September 28th – Photographs courtesy of Chris Carlisle)

Messy Church 28Sept13 001  Messy Church 28Sept13 002
From ergonomically designed bird feeders to individually hand crafted biscuits …

Messy Church 28Sept13 003  Messy Church 28Sept13 004
… from artistic badge making to mega jigsaw creation  … a great time was had by all!!

Thanksgiving and Rededication Service
(Sunday, September 22nd – Photographs courtesy of Robert Cleave and Hillary Brian)

Thanksgiving W026
Bishop Paul and Vicar Paul walk through the service in advance

Thanksgiving W118
Vicar Paul greets the Mayor and Leader of Broxtowe Council, and our MP, Anna Soubry

Thanksgiving W130
The service gets underway with every seat taken

Thanksgiving W132
Dr Who and two Victorian ladies reflect upon significant changes to church life during the past 150 years, and meet the new ‘Bishop of Litchfield’

Thanksgiving W142
Vicar Paul provides an overview of the remodelling work and the parish vision for growth

Thanksgiving W143
Bishop Paul rededicates existing church furnishings, dedicates the new, and sanctifies the whole church to the glory of God

Thanksgiving W149
Younger members of the church family lead the congregation in prayer

Bishop Paul encourages the congregation to further extend the tent through its worship and by freely sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people at every opportunity

Following the blessing, the Bishop, clergy and choir process out in readiness for the celebration buffet prepared by Jonathan

Members of the clergy and reader team gather with Bishop Paul

T&RDS Flowers W03  T&RDS Flowers W01  T&RDS Flowers W04

T&RDS Flowers W02  T&RDS Flowers W05
Hillary’s flower arrangements were truly outstanding

Thanksgiving_191  Thanksgiving_193
The celebration buffet was very well received by everyone able to attend

Thanksgiving_196  Thanksgiving_205
Associate Minister David Edinborough           Our superb architect Graeme Renton of BDP speaking with our Methodist friends               enjoying a well earned glass of wine

The newly remodelled church buildings are now ‘Fit for Purpose’ for the next 50 years

G’Day – The Aussies take over at Saint Michael’s
(September 15th, 2013 – Photograph courtesy of Paul Reynolds)

Aussies in Britain 01
Margaret, Toni and Lynne after Morning Worship.
They may have lost the rugby and the Ashes this summer,
but the Aussies are still going strong in Bramcote.

A Typical Homegroup Meeting
(August 2013 – Photographs courtesy of Catherine Warner)

Homegroup (CW) photo 03  Homegroup (CW) photo 01
Catharine and Sue                         Jean and Liz

Homegroup (CW) photo 02  Homegroup (CW) photo 04
David and Kate                             Peter and Dorothy

Homegroup (CW) photo 05 
David hopes that Jean doesn’t
like jammy dodger biscuits!!

Parish Bar-B-Que
(Sunday, July 28th – Photographs courtesy of Paul Reynolds)

_MG_9398 _MG_9395 _MG_9467_MG_9388 _MG_9409 _MG_9446 _MG_9415 _MG_9428_MG_9449 _MG_9388 _MG_9389_MG_9469 _MG_9414
Chef Jonathan rustled up some mighty fine burgers and hot dogs.