Gallery 2012 (Jan-Jun)

Diamond Jubilee Concert
(June 24th, 2012)

Diamond Jubilee Concert - Crowd Panorama
The audience begins to assemble

Diamond Jubilee Concert - Bass Player   Diamond Jubilee Concert - Percussionist 01   Diamond Jubilee Concert - Kieron Conducts
The Bass Player                    The Percussionist                   The Musical Director

Diamond Jubilee Concert - Cindy Introductions   Diamond Jubilee Concert - Mike as Elvis   Diamond Jubilee Concert - Toni and Sandra
Cindy introduces the event    Mike as ‘Elvis’ looks on           As do Toni and Sandra

Diamond Jubilee Concert - Union Flag
Toni patriotically brought her ‘Australian’ Union Flag to set the tone

Diamond Jubilee Concert - David   Diamond Jubilee Concert - Silver Surfers 01   Diamond Jubilee Concert - Wendy and Cindy
David welcomes us   The exclusive ‘Silver Surfer’ enclosure       Cindy and Wendy

Diamond Jubilee Concert - Orchestra 01   Diamond Jubilee Concert - Crowd 03
The orchestra enchant the audience with marvellous tune after tune all afternoon

Diamond Jubilee Concert - School Choir 01   Diamond Jubilee Concert - School Choir 02
The school choir performed a number of items with their usual skill and passion

Diamond Jubilee Concert - School Choir 03   Diamond Jubilee Concert - School Choir 04
The school choir and musicians were highly commended for their performances

Diamond Jubilee Concert - School Choir 05   Diamond Jubilee Concert - School Choir 06
The whole afternoon was a huge success and greatly enjoyed by everyone present

Update from Berega
(June 17th, 2012)

Electricity Arrives in Berega - Still Need a Transformer   Mothers Outside the New Maternity Hostel
Electricity arrives, minus        Mothers gather outside the new maternity hostel
the transformer

The New Group of 32 Bible Students   The Nurses Outside the Prem Baby Room
The new class of 32 Bible students –         Nurses standing outside the premature
Anne can be seen in the background         baby room

Confirmation Service
(June 9th, 2012)

Confirmation Service (09June2012) 01  Confirmation Service (09June2012) 02  Confirmation Service (09June2012) 03
Chris and Michelle Carlisle             Douglas Britton         Jane Wild & Anna Loveluck

Confirmation Service (09June2012) 07
The Confirmation Class of 2012

Confirmation Service (09June2012) 04  Confirmation Service (09June2012) 06  Confirmation Service (09June2012) 05
Lisa Buckley                 Simon and Heather Pike                Catherine Ortori

Confirmation Service (09June2012) 08  Confirmation Service (09June2012) 09
Friends, family and the ‘Press Corp’           Some of the many parish supporters

Confirmation Service (09June2012) 10  Confirmation Service (09June2012) 11
Three generations of youth         Home group supporters

Diamond Jubilee Beacon Fireworks
(June 4th, 2012)

Beacon Celebration 01   Beacon Celebration 02
The overall site as people gather for the main Beacon Firework display

Beacon Celebration 04   Beacon Celebration 06   Beacon Celebration 07
The skies are lit up in celebration of Her Majesty’s glorious 60 year reign

Hemlock Happening
(June 2nd, 2012)

IMG_8517   IMG_8518
The ‘Meeters and Greeters’ Team handing out balloons and informational flyers

IMG_8527   IMG_8532
Members of the ‘Bramcote Kazoo Orchestra’ and the ‘Jubilee Pagent’ players

IMG_8542   IMG_8537   IMG_8536

IMG_8550   IMG_8544
Monarchs from different eras battle it out, together with their loyal subjects

IMG_8556   IMG_8566   IMG_8567
Fun and Games: Bell of Doom, Face Painting and Towers of Despair

IMG_8573   IMG_8576
The ‘Road Crew’ working hard behind the scenes  to make it all run smoothly

Chris Spencer’s Farewell Meal (Mark I)
(May 28th, 2012)

The ‘Diary Team’ celebrate Chris’ appointment as Curate of Devizes Parish Church

Silver Surfers 1st Year Party
(May 17th, 2012)

IMG_8462   IMG_8461

Men’s Fellowship – Classic Cars Evening
(May 14th, 2012)



IMG_8430   IMG_8435



IMG_8443   IMG_8453



Saint George’s Day Celebrations
(April 21st, 2012)

                    The Saint Leonard’s Wollaton Hand Bell Ringing Team

IMG_8358   IMG_8361
                     Historical Gaming Scenarios were a very popular activity

IMG_8359   IMG_8364   IMG_8360
                   As were the hand made candles and bell ringing lessons

Messy Church
(April 1st, 2012)

IMG_8031  IMG_8033
Aloha!!  A personal greeting for all!!       Easter Card making proved a great hit

IMG_8036  IMG_8035
Pastry fish symbols baked to order … and personalised by Head Chef Jonathan

   IMG_8027  IMG_8047
Creating the wooden games   Bell ringing certificates signed by the Captain

IMG_8050  IMG_8053
A popular Easter Garden arrangement    Easter cake decorating – yummy as ever!

Afternoon Tea Concert
(March 25th, 2012)

Afternoon Tea Concert (2012)
Music by Eccles, Brahms and Elgar was performed to over 60 keen concertgoers

Afternoon Tea Concert (2012) 03  Afternoon Tea Concert (2012) 02  Afternoon Tea Concert (2012) 01
Alison Reynolds (Uppingham School and JRNCM) with Philip Heyman (WNO)

David and Jean Ward’s 50th Wedding Anniversary
(March 17th, 2012)

IMG_7952     IMG_7954
The happy couple arrive for their meal     Cutting the 50th anniversary cake

David’s Speech following a ‘Lancashire Hotpot’ cooked by a Yorkshireman


All Age Worship
(March 4th, 2012)

David and Anne Curnock speak about Berega in the Mission Focus spot

IMG_7891   IMG_7892
Reporting back from the ‘Lo-Zone’           Ray and Ann selling tickets for the
‘Olde Merrie England’ concert/dance

Parish Consultation Day
(March 3rd, 2012)



Thanksgiving Sunday
(February 5th, 2012)

IMG_5109     IMG_5117
Opening Worship                                   Discussions over Lunch

IMG_5111       IMG_5115
       Bishop James Newcome                                  Mr Tony Brown
(Giving for Growth)                                   (Tax Efficient Giving)

IMG_5123     IMG_5124
Discussing the finer points of the talk      There was plenty of ‘food for thought’


Visit of Anna Soubry MP to Bramcote CofE (Aided) Primary School
(February 3rd, 2012)

BPS - Visit of Anna Soubrey 02     BPS - Visit of Anna Soubrey 01
Anna with Headteacher Sarah Meredith    Anna with Headteacher Sarah Meredith,
Revd Paul Reynolds and two pupils.


Education Sunday
(January 29th, 2012)

Education Sunday (2012) 02A     Education Sunday (2012) 04A
The Woodwind Ensemble playing                 Mrs Meredith speaking on
’Amazing Grace’                                         ‘Building for the Future’