Gallery 2012 (Jul-Dec)

Children’s Carol Service and Nativity
(December 24th, 2012)

An angel appeared to the shepherds telling them of Jesus’ birth.

The ‘Mums and Tots Nativity’ was a very moving experience telling the Christmas story.

Carol Singing at The Sherwin Arms
(December 19th, 2012)

Sherwin Carols 2012 Panorama 01
A small selection of the festive singers who gathered to lead the singing this day.

Recent Damage to the Prayer Room at Saint Michael’s
(December 18th, 2012)

IMG_0602   IMG_0603
An alternative method of ‘Celebrating Christmas’ and the damage caused by one disturbed individuals act of mindless vandalism.  Please do remember them in your prayers.

The Men’s Fellowship Dinner with The Revd David Hilborn
(December 10th, 2012)

IMG_9906   IMG_9915
Chef Jonathan preparing the fayre.               David recounting his cricket exploits.

‘Silver Surfers Christmas Dinner’
(December 6th, 2012)

IMG_0509   IMG_0510
Over 70 silver surfers attended the meal, and an extremely good time was had by all.

IMG_0512   IMG_0530
The meal was wonderfully cooked and served with amazing professionalism.

IMG_0531   IMG_0540

A good time was had by all, with new and old members mixing freely.

IMG_0536   IMG_0541
Terry fully tested each course personally.       Ros and Sandra masterminded the event.

Cafe Bramcote Carols with The Salvation Army Band
(December 4th, 2012)

_MG_8654   _MG_8643
The catering team were rushed off their feet serving delicious cakes and refreshing drinks.

_MG_8652   _MG_8657
Our Saint John’s students sang heartily!!        Captain Paul led the singing with humour.

Bramcote (CofE) VA Primary School – Christmas Fair
(December 1st, 2012)

_MG_6221 _MG_6229
Mary and Joseph presented the baby Jesus and handed out details of Christmas services.

‘A Day in the Life of an Office Angel’
(November 29th, 2012)

IMG_0490   IMG_0497
Wendy and Gill man the office with Ruby and Rusty supplying able assistance.

‘Precious Stones’ awards at Southwell Minster
(November 21st, 2012)

   Precious Stones award - 2      Precious Stones award - 8
  The winners of the various awards                 Bishop Paul congratulates everyone

‘Sarabande’ in Concert
(September 8th, 2012)

Saraband - Bach Battenburg Concertos 1-3 04A   Saraband - Bach Battenburg Concertos 1-3 09A
‘Sarabande’ perform Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos #1, #2 and #3   

Annual Berega Supper – 88 diners hear the news of growth and development
(September 7th, 2012)

Berega Supper (2012) 01  Berega Supper (2012) 04
The serving team waiting for each course to be prepared and made ready for service

Berega Supper (2012) 02   Berega Supper (2012) 03   
Chef Jonathan taking a short break before each course is served to the tables

Berega Supper (2012) 05  Berega Supper (2012) 06
Richard Hanford and David Curnock detailing life in Begega and the current needs

The Other Guys in Concert
(July 11th, 2012)

The Other Guys 01   The Other Guys 02
The dance moves are truly unbelievable           Close harmonies par excellence

The Other Guys 03   The Other Guys 04
Richard talks about his trip to Berega             Songs enhanced by vocal instrumentation

The Other Guys 05
Refreshments during the interval enabled the audience to meet the group following an
amazing first half of terrific entertainment together with vocal and dancing prowess.

Bramcote Primary CofE (VA) Summer Fair
(July 7th, 2012)

IMG_8809  IMG_8814
The ‘Sweet and Treat’ selling team               Simon and Heather run the badge making

IMG_8813  IMG_8812  IMG_8817
Murray takes on all-comers in the blind chess competition   Toni preparing to sell cakes

Scenes from a recent service of All Age Worship
(July 1st, 2012)

IMG_0047   IMG_0033   IMG_0051
Ros and Jonathon control      Lisa leads everyone in prayer  David tells us the story of
the AVA equipment                                                         Jairus’ daughter

Rehearsing for All Age Worship
(July 1st, 2012)

IMG_0027   IMG_0030   IMG_0032
Mike, Ray and David preparing to play at the All Age service

The band runs through each of the worship songs before the service

Update from Berega
(July 1st, 2012)

image   image
Upon his arrival, Richard meets the Bishop    Richard helping out with the Holiday Club

Berega - Children's Holiday Club - Fun with the parachute   Berega - Children's Holiday Club - Listening to the Calling of the 12 Disciples
Holiday Club fun with the parachute             Holiday Club story time – The 12 disciples

Berega - The story of Jesus
Holiday Club story time – The life of Jesus

Pupils from ​​Bramcote Primary School attend the Nottingham Torch Relay
(June 30th, 2012)
Youngsters  gather at Nottingham Castle.