Development Log

The table below tracks major developments to this web site.

Date Activity









Updated all major entries.
More updates to follow.


Updated copyright banners and removed old entries.

Updated Church Officers, The Grid and Gallery
(Jan-Jun 2018)

Added additional photographs.

Amended factual details to various pages.

Added a June to December gallery and added photographs.

Removed weekly Bible verse and thought feature and replaced with annual varients.

Edited various pages to correct factual details.



Edited various pages to correct various factual details.

Added additional Wedding and Baptism materials (legal, suggestions etc)

14/12/2015 Added new details to the <CHOIR> page and updated the Gallery.  Moved this development log into a table format.
03/03/2015 Added announcement posts for Easter Services and APCM.
06/02/2015 Major update to the website to update and include new materials within the RESOURCE page.
12/04/2014 Updated galleries and resources pages to include the APCM report.
26/12/2012 Updated Project 2012, galleries and resources pages.
27/06/2012 Revised gallery structure and updated front page.
19/06/2012 Added the ability to access “Project 2012” documents, updated out of date pages, added new photographs.
28/05/2012 Amended the Main Sunday Morning Service page and removed the out-dated references to MiniDisciples, Pathfinders etc.
10/02/2012 Added a post about Haydon joining Saint Michael’s, photographs from Stewardship Sunday, and the sermon (Bishop James Newcome) from Stewardship Sunday.
01/02/2012 Amended the Wedding Resources page to include additional hymns and alternative musical items.
30/01/2012 Added a link to the directions page to show Google Earth map. Added photographs from Education Sunday.
11/01/2012 Added publicity post re Cicilian Singers Workshop in March.
07/01/2012 Addition of ‘The Grid’, the ‘Clergy and Readers’ (private) page and this development log.