Funerals and Memorial Services

Remembering the life of someone who has died is one of the last, and perhaps one of the most significant, things that we will ever do for them. At St Michael’s we consider it a real privilege to be involved in that process, through either a funeral or a memorial service.

We also hold an annual Bereavement Service where the families and friends of a loved one can come together each November to remember and give thanks for their life. At this service, the names of all those who have died during the past two years are read out, with suitable spaces provided for personal reflection and prayer.

The church has a Garden of Remembrance to the rear of the churchyard where the ashes of a loved one can be interred following cremation, including the installation of a small memorial plaque. This area is well cared for, and a bench seat is provided for anyone who wishes to spend a few moments in solitude close to their loved ones.

If you would like to arrange a funeral or memorial service, or for additional information about any of the above, please contact Claire Morrell-Stone (Parish Administrator) on

For information about our Bereavement Care Team, please click on the link below.