Prayer Ministry Team

Who are we?

There is a rota of men and women  for the 10am and 6:30pm services.  We know that every Christian is able to listen and pray for anyone who asks for prayer, but as a group commissioned by the Church we are committed to initial and on-going training. We accept a code of conduct and guidelines, and are fully accountable to the clergy team.

Who are we for?

Anyone who comes to Saint Michael’s wanting someone to listen and pray with them for healing, or about any concern they might have, in complete confidence.

What do we do?

We aim through prayer to enable people to meet with God, to be built up in their relationship with Jesus and receive healing and wholeness from the Holy Spirit.

When and where do we meet?

Whenever possible we try to pray with another team member before services.

We routinely have two fellowship evenings during the course of the year, plus one Saturday set aside as a Quiet Day.

Contact information:

For more information, please contact Cath Ortori on 07484 213457.