Worship/Music Group

Who are we?

A group of musicians and singers who assist with the worship at the 10:45am service each Sunday morning.

Who are we for?

We are there to assist everyone who wishes to participate in the worship of God.

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Music Group Singers 01

What do we do?

We mostly lead contemporary worship songs through a variety of musical instruments (Guitar, flute, mandolin, crumhorn, piano, gittern, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet etc) and through vocal harmonies which add to the overall atmosphere of each service.

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When and where do we meet?

Sunday mornings at the 10:45am service.
We also meet periodically to rehearse and learn new material together.

Names of leaders/contact information:

Alison Reynolds (Musical Director) Tel: (0115) 922 9600
Christine Cleave (Administrator)    Tel: (0115) 925 8394