Who are we?

A group of over 30 people, equally men and women, who assist the churchwardens in welcoming and caring for people attending Saint Michael’s.

Who are we for?

The aim of sidespeople, as far is as possible, is to help worshippers to feel at home and take a full and active part within the service.

What do we do?

At Saint Michael’s, there are always at least two sidespeople present to ensure that our services run smoothly by making sure that books, service sheets, and notices are available and given out, by taking up any collections, and by ensuring that the church is left clean and tidy after services.

When and where do we meet?

Sidespeople do not often meet as a group, rather a rota is published each quarter to cover every service, with the group organising replacements by duty exchanges to cover holidays, illness etc.

Names of leaders/contact information:

Stan Heptinstall (0115) 837 0377.