Introducing our new website

In September 2022 a small team dedicated to improving communications at St Michael’s met, via Zoom. They reviewed responses from the member survey and agreed, that whilst the website set up over a decade ago has a lot of detailed information and we have spent much time improving and updating the site, it was time to create a new, modern site with a cleaner, sharper design and simpler content to welcome new members and residents wishing to celebrate their special occasions with our church.

With the assistance of a keen, local volunteer, they reviewed what was valued about the original site and what was missing.

After several meetings and many hours of work, Stan Heptinstall, one of St Michael’s Churchwardens, presented the new website to members of the Parish Council and invited comments and we are now pleased to launch the new site.

What is different?

  • Blog – we will use the blog to keep members and Bramcote residents updated about the life of the Church by adding our weekly newsletter plus more detailed articles.
  • Promoting the church – We will also be able to easily link to blog updates to share using the BramcoteNG9’s Facebook group and members can also share using their own social media. We will limit the number of blogs on the home page but you can see older stories by visiting the blog page, from the menu.
  • Comments – we want to hear from you! Particularly if you have enjoyed one of our events that we blog about. Use the comment facility to let readers know what you thought about the event.
  • Images – the new theme allows for large banner photographs to head pages and blog articles as well as different styles of adding photos to the body of the article/page. So if you have recently attended an event at church and would like to share your photographs on this website (subject to copyright laws) please email these to (with an explanation about the photo) so we can add them.
  • Less is more – we don’t want to overpower our readers with too much information and we want you to be able to easily find what you are looking for. But you can still access our original site from the bottom of the home page if you would like more detail.
  • Layout – The previous site was created many years ago and technology has improved considerably since then allowing us to select a more aesthetic WordPress theme.
  • Navigating the site – There are six tiles covering our services and events plus special occasions.

To find our more about our church, including its fascinating history, plus how we support our members pastorally see the relevant pages on the menu. If you would like details of our opening times or to contact us, see our contact page. The blog page shows older articles in date order and we have an activities page showing all our events and prayer sessions throughout the week.

  • Feedback – Please let us know what you think of the new website by leaving a comment below this article where it indicates for you to “Leave a Reply”. You may also share any suggestions you have.

One response to “Introducing our new website”

  1. Very impressed by the new website which is consumer-friendly, informative & welcoming; this reflects the people who run the church. I owe a lot to the folks at St. Michaels being given permission to re-marry there in 2010, having had sensitive family funerals there, having my faith deepened by events & house group membership….I even developed computer skills by attending the “Silver Surfers Internet” meetings! There will always be a in my heart for St Michaels.

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